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What is My Cash Freebies?

 My cash freebies is completely FREE!! The money you make is all profit! So if you need some extra  income, full time or part time, try this out. What  have you got to lose?? This is not a scam at all and its FREE!! So, start getting the word out about the two programs that I am recommending. 

When your are ready to sign up, simply look below and find where it says "How to Get Started". Follow the videos and complete Step One and Step Two and you will be ready to go.

To Receive Your  $20.00 for completing the steps:
  • Email me at joinjtaylor@gmail.com and tell me that you have completed your offers on Step One and Step Two below.
  • In this email please include your name and Your Paypal Email Address (so I can send you your money)
  • Give me 24 hours to get the funds to you. (It takes about 6- 12 hours to get to me first from the site)
  • You can also contact me via Skype:  jandjtaylor or via phone: 386-530-2458

How To Get Started......

Watch Video, then Click on Step 1 to Join and complete 1 credit…

How to Sign Up with Express My Cash Freebies

Be sure to check on Express. My Cash Freebies that you are being referred by 
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Watch Video, then Click on Step 2 to Join and complete 1 credit…

How to Get Paid for Free Online

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Instant PayDay Network

For those who would like to promote both Express My Cash Freebies, as well as Double My Cash Freebies, but only want to promote one link, then using a system like Instant PayDay Network may be the best way for you to go. In order to still do this for free, you might want to only do Step 1 and Step 2 in the system. That is up to you. If you do all the steps, you will need to be prepared to pay monthly fees, but if others that join with you do the same thing, then you will make money from their monthly fees. 

I mention the above fees because I am marketing this as a free opportunity and I want you to be fully aware ss to how the system works. In the video I mention that I don't do step 3 and 4 but that I use an autoresponder called 20Now. I am not using that at this time nor is it necessary to do so in order to use the system.

Be sure and save the information that is sent to you from Instant PayDay when you join, otherwise you will have trouble signing in later. This is just a heads up to save your information so you don't find yourself wondering why you can't figure out how to login.

Instant PayDay Network

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